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Common spamming practices that can lead to a temp block.

Make sure you are ALWAYS following the guidelines we have in place.

Recently Instagram has been cracking down even harder on certain actions. It can now affect peoples app on their phones.

Common spamming practices that Instagram frowns upon are:

– Hashtag spamming; Using too many hashtags on posts, we recommend using 5-8 hashtags PER post. Try to avoid using the same hashtags over and over. Vary your hashtags to help keep Instagram from interpreting your content as spam. Using too many or the same hashtags on Instagram can cause your account to get temp blocked

– Mention spamming; Mentioning/Tagging too many people on your posts, this is something they’ve cracked down on more recently.

– Risky url in bio; Instagram doesn’t like linking to URLs on your profile that they consider risky. Please note this is at their discretion.

– Comment spamming; Replying/commenting too much on posts.

Manual actions:

I know it can be tempting, but performing manual actions may cause your Instagram account to be temporarily blocked. Instagram limits the number of accounts that you can follow and posts you can like every hour, and if you are manually following accounts or liking posts this may put you over the limit.

To avoid any interruptions, we advise not to perform manual actions while Social Lever runs.

For more information on blocks click here

Updated on May 22, 2019

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