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Pro Tip #1- Hashtags

Within Social Lever, we recommend only using 1-5 hashtags for targeting new followers.

Here’s a couple tips for getting the most out of your hashtag targeting.

1 –  Use very specific hashtags. If you sell jewelry online, don’t use #PrettyRing to target new followers, but rather something like #RoseGoldWeddingBand

2 – Choose something local.  If you’re a fitness coach, don’t target #fitness but rather something like #GoldsGymVeniceBeach

However, when you’re posting on Instagram (not targeting on Social Lever), use 5-8 hashtags in your posts so that people will still find you when they search those hashtags.

Again, if you’re a fitness coach, post a picture about the gym and include a lot of hashtags that relate to your picture.

Updated on May 23, 2019

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