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How do I add/verify my Tik Tok account to Social Lever?

1. Verify you have the correct SMS/EMAIL attached to the Tik Tok account you are trying to connect (the code will be sent from TIK TOK, not Social Lever)

2. Go to Social Lever and enter your Tik Tok username and password to initiate the connection process.

3. Click “Reconnect/Add Account”

4. Send a code VIA Email or SMS  (This code will be coming from Tik Tok so make sure you have the correct phone/email attached to your Tik Tok account)

5. Enter the code Tik Tok has sent you into Social Lever and click “Verify my account”

You will receive a login notification, this is Social Lever accessing the account for growth.

If you receive the error “There was an error adding your account. Please wait a few minutes and try again” try these steps:

When adding the account to Social Lever click on SMS instead of a username.

Enter the SMS ATTACHED to that Tik Kok account along with that Tik Tok password and connect the account.

(The number will need to match the phone number on that Tik Tok account if you aren’t sure if it’s correct, you can check or change the number in your Tik Tok accounts settings within the Tik Tok app)

Once you enter the code (if needed) it will connect to Social Lever

If you are unable to verify or add your account to Social Lever please email here or chat with us and we can provide further assistance

Updated on March 20, 2020

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