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How do I select the right hashtags?

Within Social Lever, we recommend only using 1-5 hashtags for targeting new followers.

Here’s a couple tips for getting the most out of your hashtag targeting.


1 –  Use very specific hashtags. If you sell jewelry online, don’t use #PrettyRing to target new followers, but rather something like #RoseGoldWeddingBand


2 – Choose something local.  If you’re a fitness coach, don’t target #fitness but rather something like #GoldsGymVeniceBeach



However, when you’re posting on Instagram (not targeting on Social Lever), use plenty hashtags in your posts so that people will still find you when they search those hashtags.


Again, if you’re a fitness coach, post a picture about the gym and include a lot of hashtags that relate to your picture.

Updated on May 23, 2019

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