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How does liking work?

Within Social Lever there are 2 liking types, Growth like and Engagement like:

Growth Liking (only liking): Enabling the like button will allow you to engage with new people by liking one of their most recent top post. This increases engagement and the chances of them to follow you.

Engagement like (liking while following and unfollowing): If you are following and unfollowing while liking, Social Lever will like photos from your news feed on Instagram.

If you go into Settings>General>Engagement you can change how the Engagement liking likes. You can choose the source that Social Lever will like from; Whitelist, People Social Lever followed, Anyone, etc.

You can also adjust liking limits: Limit how many likes a post can have for you to interact with it.

Please note while using the Engagement liking the system will focus on following and unfollowing more than liking.

Updated on May 23, 2019

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