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How do the follow and unfollow cycles work?

Social Lever will run on a cycle by following targeted accounts, it will then unfollow the same accounts that Social Lever followed (except the people who followed you back on the most recent follow cycle, they will be unfollowed on the next unfollow cycle).  Typically, the cycle runs for 2-5 days*, allowing some time for users to follow you back before they are unfollowed.

You can customize your follow cycle to allow you to follow anywhere between 2,000-7,000 accounts.

When you reach your follow limit the system will automatically switch over to unfollowing, as long as you have both follow and unfollow toggles enabled.

For best results, please leave the Unfollow and Follow toggles on.
*times between cycles may vary, depending on which plan you use and your current follow limit.

Updated on May 23, 2019

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