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What are the follow/unfollow speeds for each plan?

The FAST plan includes approximately:

8 actions per hour

192 actions per day

The TURBO plan includes approximately:

11 actions per hour

264 per day

+CLEAN FEED (available to all plans Turbo and above)

The EXTREME plan includes approximately:

20 actions per hour

500 actions per day


The PRO plan runs at EXTREME speeds and includes the ENGAGEMENT PACKAGE(available to all plans PRO and above) + CLEAN FEED.

The MANAGED plan is a way to have our team of professionals at Social Lever manages and run your Social Lever account for you all month long.

We will adjust settings, targets, anything we need to make sure you are getting the best results.

You can read more here: Social Lever.com/managed-plan

The Pro plan AND Managed includes:

– Direct Message (DM) Your Followers

Create up to 5 messages that will be chosen at random for each new or existing follower. You could thank them for following you, introduce them to your blog, or offer a promo code for your online store. It’s a great engagement tool!

– Top Engagers Report

Quickly see who your top commenters and top likers are. This allows you to easily identify your best followers so you can add them to your whitelist, engage with them, and retain them as followers.

CLEAN FEED: allows you to mute anyone that Social Lever follows. This way, your account is still growing and you only see the stories and posts that you want. Optionally, if you would like to unmute people that follow you back, you can have Social Lever automatically unmute these people so you can interact with their story and posts.

This feature is available to all plans Turbo and above. To enable, go to the Settings tab on your dashboard and toggle Clean Feed on.

Updated on June 10, 2019

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