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What is a Whitelist and why do I need one?

Your Whitelist is the list of people that you don’t want the program to ever unfollow

(friends, family, your most engaged followers, potential clients etc…). You never want to lose these people or frustrate them because you unfollowed them.


Go to the WHITELIST tab inside Social Lever and add accounts manually or import the accounts you’re currently following.


If you just started your account, IMPORT the accounts you currently follow. If you have already followed a bunch of people, import 500 and it will take the first 500 you ever followed. Normally these are the people you really care about. Also, you can always use the system to unfollow everyone except for the people on your whitelist if you ever decide you are done – and you will return to where you started!


Make sure you add accounts to your Whitelist before you start UNFOLLOWING so we can always keep your friends and family happy with you and always keep the engagement level high on your page.

Updated on May 23, 2019

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